Car Repair Service

Cars are complex machines. They need expert maintenance to keep you safely on the road. At S&S Automotive repair, your safety is number one. A close number two however is performance and making sure that repairs are made correctly to attain peak performance.

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Under the Hood...

Among the most diverse areas of your car, what sits under the hood has countless components and functions. The fuel system, the coolant system, electronics and these days the vehicles "brains". Every vehicle is different and the differences are sometimes minor, but often significant. We’ve seen the changes over decades and while that doesn’t mean everything we encounter on every vehicle is predicatable, it does mean we know what areas might not be.

Any unknowns will be covered with you before we start work and we commit to keeping customers informed and aware before start every job.

Brakes, Suspension, Steering

Our fully certified mechanics always go the extra mile to ensure your safety. We’ll go over your entire braking system, steering and suspension to make sure they are working correctly and inconcert. Then we will maintain and repair it to give you the peace of mind that you deserve.