Looking for a “Reliable Mechanic”?

S&S Automotive Service has been here in your community since "1986" that is "38" years of commitment to providing fair value and honest service for your cars and trucks. Is your car or truck doing something funny? Making a new noise or odd behavior? Albert's been around more than a few cars, give him a shot at your question - Ask Albert!

S & S Automotive Services is located in a lovely niche in Brookhaven PA. 1 Upland St. Brookhaven PA 19086



Times change, quality doesn't.

Cars have changed a lot over the years but one things stands true through the years. Quality service makes a difference.

Hi! I’m Albert and S&S Automotive Repair has been my business since 1996. In that time I’ve seen astounding changes in vehicles and technology but the one constant is great customer sercvice keeps people returning. Fixing numerous types of cars can be challenging but years of experience really helps and you can count on S&S for honest information, fair pricing and open communictaion. If you have questions for me, please let me know. I may be old fashioned on service but I do my best to respond to inquiries daily.

Know-how where it counts most

Since the 1990's engines have only become more complex and electronic and sometimes harder to service. That said it's almost always cheaper to fix the car than to replace it and our mission is to help vehicle owners do just that.

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Delaware County Driving is delightful...

When everything is running great, noplace beats our beautiful back roads. Our mission is to keep your cars running, safely, smoothly, and comfortably. We do everything we can to combine our years of experience with proving you the best value on car service and maintenance. Whatever concerns or needs you have about your car, we can probably help. That means from headlights to tailights and from your oil to your exhaust.

PA State Inspection

In Pennsylvania your vehicles state inspection is mandatory and really important. In addition to the fines which can be assessed on a vehilce with an out-of-date inspection, the main reason for inspections is your safety. No matter what you’re driving, it’s a great idea to bring your vehicles to S&S for your state inspection. Not only can we do the inspection and emissions testing but we go beyond to help assure your vehicle is safe and roadworthy. We can also perform nearly any repair required to help you pass.

If you need state inspection please contact us today and we’ll get you set up.